Qalandars, a progressive community, focuses on societal patterns and behaviors as core ethics. We prioritize building a strong social community in our neighborhood, with a particular emphasis on encouraging youth involvement in sports and education. Through instilling moral values, we aim to create positive contributors to society. Lahore Qalandars' Qalandars City nurtures Pakistani youth and promotes healthy sporting activities to pave the way for future prospects in cricket. Our goal is to make quality and affordable sporting opportunities accessible to all.

About Qalandar City

Based upon the ideology of providing a high-quality lifestyle, Qalandars City proudly presents well-designed, highly desirable and pleasant amenities to enhance the stature of its residents and fulfil dreams of athletes to create a name of their own in the sports field. Not only do these amenities promise luxury, ease and comfort but are extensively useful for our aspiring youngsters who train under experts to pave a way for themselves in cricket.



    Unwind in the tranquil beauty of nature with our exclusive garden spaces designed to provide a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle.


    Immerse yourself in the grandeur of our surroundings, where nature and modern architecture come together to create a harmonious and luxurious living experience.


    Indulge in the luxurious living experience with our high-end fittings that are designed to offer ultimate comfort and sophistication for you.


    Wake up to the beauty of nature with Qalandar City's serene views, providing a peaceful and picturesque backdrop to your daily life.

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    Don't miss out on the opportunity to live in luxury and fulfil your dreams of becoming a successful athlete. Fill out the form below to find out more about the price plans and booking for a plot in Qalandar City Lahore. Our well-designed and highly desirable amenities promise luxury, ease and comfort, and are extensively useful for our aspiring youngsters who train under experts to pave a way for themselves in cricket. Act now and secure your spot in Qalandar City Lahore!

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    Starting as a modest venture for Lahore Qalandars in the early stages of the Player Development Program nationwide (with an estimated participation of approximately 200,000 young individuals), the Qalandars PDP has witnessed a remarkable expansion within a mere span of three years, with over 500,000 now involved. Presently, Lahore Qalandars boasts one of Pakistan's most extensive and well-equipped Cricket High-Performance Centres - the QHPC - which offers a platform for the country's 100 million young aspiring athletes to showcase their skills. Qalandars City takes immense pride in this feat, which stands as a compelling proposition alongside our housing initiative.


    Each residential plot is endowed with a meticulously designed infrastructure that includes well-maintained community parks, underground electrification, ample resources, a peaceful environment, commercial convenience, an extensive sector road network, and independently gated sectors, ensuring top-notch security standards.


    Qalandar City comprises three commercial sectors, namely Business Bay District, Central Commercial Boulevard, and Canal Commercial, offering an array of options to its customers. These commercial areas offer convenience and easy access to both esteemed residents and visitors of the city.

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